Bohéme Grove: disregards the conventional standards for food.
Handcrafted on the beautiful West Coast, using only consciously sourced ingredients from suppliers who take care of their animals and the environment. From sunrise to sunset there’s always a place on your plate for flavours from Bohème Grove.

The products are free from most: gluten, preservatives, fillers, artificial flavours, antibiotics, and hormones.
santorini Turkey
As perfectly blended as the small towns that mark the Mediterranean coast line. Subtly spiced leaving you warm and content as if the sun was gently resting on your face.

Pairs well with greek salad and tzatziki.

Featured Ingredients:
Sun Dried Tomatoes and Sweet Basil

Butter Chicken
A Bengals dream! Inspired by our favourite butter chicken, this exotic sausage combines cream, tomatoes and spices with free range, GMO-free chicken to deliver a truly unique sausage.

Pairs well with jasmine rice, cilantro naan and roasted cauliflower.

Featured Ingredients:
Cardamon and Fenugreek

Fresh Orange + Cherry Duck
Lighten up and let your meal do the talking. This flavorful fruit and liquor filled sausage says ‘I’m fun with a sophisticated side”.

Pairs well with mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and salad.

Featured Ingredients
Sun Dried Cherries and Grand Marnier

Nashville Hot Chicken
The weather is warm, the music is loud, the drinks are cold. A spicy sweet vacation for your tastebuds and your mind.

Pairs well with sourdough bread and pickles!!!

Featured Ingredients
Cayenne and Smoked Paprika

Smoked Leek + Pork
The well rounded crowd pleaser. Easy to eat and easy to love. Buy this one in bulk and don’t ever be without.

Pairs well with a good bun, mustard and sauerkraut.

Featured Ingredients
Leek and Free Range Pork

Chorizo Verde
Take your day from bland to bam! All you need to ask is “uno más, por favor” [translation: one more please].

Pairs well with corn tortilla, cabbage and your favorite salsa.

Featured Ingredients
Cilantro and Jalapeno

Moroccan Lamb
Inspired by warm nights at moroccan spice markets. This delicious sausage balances the heat of harissa with savoury lamb and herbs to bring you the spirit and essence of North Africa.
Pairs well with a pilaf of rice, dried fruits, nuts, and spices.

Pairs well with a pilaf of rice, dried fruits, nuts, and spices.

Featured Ingredients
Aleppo Pepper and Roasted Peppers

Maple Breakfast
The newspaper, some light music, birds singing, and sausage sizzling. Completing your best mornings - your welcome. Warning: not just for the weekend.

Pairs well with black coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, waffles, and eggs.

Featured Ingredients
100% Canadian Maple Syrup and Sage

The world renowned pepper from the Basque region in France; Espelette commingles with garlic to create a certain je ne sais quoi that creates a spicy smooth chorizo. Eat this with… well everything

Pairs well with seafood, rice and a cold beer

Featured Ingredients
Espelette Pepper and Garlic