Founded in 2018 with a vision to bridge the gap between the local farmer / producer to the end consumer, Acecard Supply Co. quickly grew in the Vancouver food industry as a key distributor of consciously sourced meat and seafood.

Founder Craig Sheridan comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and a family who has been in food distribution since the 70’s. Soon after launching, Acecard Supply Co. brought on a large selection of frozen ingredients, dry goods, and more to supply smoothie shops, specialty stores, bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants of any scale.

The distribution offerings have now since exponentially grown to encompass the needs for our large to small retail and restaurant customers. The list of products is continuously changing and expanding. No matter the product everything is delivered at once, green routed, then invoiced together. Saving carbon emissions for the planet, saving our customers time and energy.

In 2019 Acecard Supply Co. acquired long time certified organic facility and a leader in ethical meat, Hills Foods. Today Hills has been rebranded to the Acecard Supply Co. retail protein line called Hills Legacy Meats. This line still consists [and also includes reworked recipes] of products that are true to the company’s ethos: wholesome ingredients, consciously sourced meat, and good for you products.

Today our team is constantly rethinking and creating new brands. The general guiding light is always ‘not where we are today, but where we want to go- what is the legacy we want to leave.'

Forge a better food system with us.